President’s Message

Message from XXI President of WPSA-SL Branch

From the inception of World Poultry Science Sri Lanka (WPSA-SL) Branch in 1997 association is going along with the WPSA main objectives that is “Education, Organization, Research” and also with One-Health concept we are there to maintain regular communication and active interaction with all the related authorities such as Department of Animal Production and Health(DAPH), Ministry Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Import Control Department, Sri Lanka Customs, Department of Trade and Commerce and Ministry of Health and also to work closely with all the related professional and industry associations such as Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA), All Island Poultry Association (AIPA), Poultry Processors Association, Egg Producers Associations, Veterinary Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Importers Association(VIMA) and also with all the universities specially with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences(FVMAS) and with all the Agriculture Faculties and Agriculture Higher Diploma Institutions in Sri Lanka to motivate young scientist, specially those who have interest in poultry production, to do researches in poultry related areas and to link with industry to further improve the productivity and management efficiencies.

Today the need of the country is to have sustainable, green and more economical poultry production while minimizing wastage and also minimizing use of antimicrobials to ensure food security and food safety. In that contest we have identified our responsibilities to work in collaboration with all the local and international scientists and science associations and institutions to gather new knowledge and their expert opinions and experiences to disseminate to the members and to the society at large and also to explore the possibilities of use poultry by-products and wastes as alternative energy source, which some of our members have already started as a pilot projects, to achieve the ESG objectives too.

With this in mind, the association will be organizing various training programs, workshops, and seminars to provide the necessary tools and information to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the poultry farms in the country. We encourage all members and poultry entrepreneurs to actively participate in these opportunities for self-improvement.

Furthermore, working together as a cohesive unit, we can address common challenges more effectively and collectively advance our shared interests. We will continue to facilitate networking events, conferences, and forums that promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among poultry entrepreneurs. By working together and leveraging each other’s experiences and expertise, we can achieve greater success as an industry.

Research and development are also vital components of our industry’s growth and sustainability. We encourage all member and scientists in the poultry industry and related fields of education to actively engage in research initiatives and support scientific advancements. By investing in research, we can find innovative solutions to improve poultry farming practices, enhance animal welfare, and maintain the highest standards of food safety and quality. The association is committed to collaborating with local and international research institutions and providing the necessary resources and platforms for poultry entrepreneurs to contribute to industry knowledge and innovation.

As a science association WPSA-SL Branch and scientists in the poultry industry, our main objective is to convert ordinary poultry farmer to modern poultry entrepreneurs, in other words to change the conventional thinking of the society to make poultry industry more popular, successful and responsible business venture to grab the attention of young children in the country to produce more entrepreneurs and mainly to getting into production of healthy and safe protein sources as a main protein food source for human consumption while ensuring all the animal welfare aspects in the poultry industry.

I am really proud and humble to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the members of the association on the trust kept on me to elect as the XXI president of the WPSA-SL branch to lead the association for a period of one year (2024) to work with highly energetic and experienced executive committee in collaboration with all the above- mentioned stake holders to meet most of the main objectives of the association within the tenure.

Further, I humbly request all the members of WPSA and all the authorities to work in collaboration much stronger than in the past to uplift the poultry industry standards and to make it sustainable business which enable us to gain significant market share in the export market by exploring all the possibilities.

Finally, would like to extend my heart felt gratitude to immediate past president, secretary, treasurer, general secretary and all the executive committee members and further, to all the past presidents, Secretaries and Executive committee members of the association, the general membership and all the generous contributors for their continuous support extended to uplift the poultry industry by enhancing the knowledge and to achieve the objectives of the association.

Wish you all the Very Best!

Dr.M.A.Susantha Mallawa Arachchi
President-WPSA-SL Branch (2023-2024)