Practical Trainings

  • Seminars in all aspects of poultry science to bring the knowledge to the industry, poultry scientists and others with interests in poultry
  • Workshops on identified current topics, the results of which are analysed and sent to the relevant people in order to rectify the errors and implement the suggested relevant procedures. eg Vaccination, Salmonellosis
  • Practical training of farmer groups on identified topics. eg. Vaccinations, Debeaking, Compost making (FAO funded)
  • Poultry Shows – 2007 Poultry Show
  • Poultry product promotion – Egg and Chicken promotion campaign 2012
  • Regular Newsletters to update the membership on the current issues and dissemination of knowledge
  • Dissemination of information through media- newspaper articles, DVD, posters, leaflets
  • Technical Sessions

In these activities the association has worked in collaboration with different organisations such as Department of Animal Production & Health, FAO, Association of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka.